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Civil Service Employment Portal

Sullivan County Civil Service Application Instructions

If the position you are applying for requires an exam*, you should carefully read the announcement of the examination. *The words exam and examination used in this application refer to New York State Civil Service exams.

Information requested in the HEADING (Name, social security #, exam # and title) is required to process your application. If you do not have a social security number, write "NONE". If the position does not require taking an examination OR if the exam number has not been announced, leave 'Exam #' blank. FOR POSITIONS REQUIRING AN EXAM: You must indicate if this application is for an open competitive exam (OC, open to the public). or for a promotion exam (PROM). If the exam is currently being scheduled, request an exam announcement from our office before completing this application.

SECTION A - MAILING ADDRESS: Indicate your mailing address for correspondence. We will make reasonable effort to mail all correspondence to the MOST RECENT mailing address you have provided in connection with a current exam process. (see SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING CHANGES TO CANDIDATE INFORMATION following the instructions for Section B)

SECTION B - LEGAL RESIDENCY: Information in this section is required for all applicants. Complete the requested information regarding your legal domicile. This section MUST include a physical street address (i.e. 14 State Route 2345), and CAN NOT include a Post Office box. While you may receive mail at more than one address, you can be a LEGAL RESIDENT OF ONLY ONE DOMICILE at any given lime. If your legal residency is different from the information you provided for your mailing address, explain on line B8. VILLAGE RESIDENCY applies only when you reside in any of the incorporated villages of Sullivan County (Bloomingburg, Jeffersonville, Liberty, Monticello, Woodridge or Wurtsboro).

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING CHANGES TO CANDIDATE INFORMATION: It is your responsibility to notify our office of any changes to your name, mailing address, phone number and legal residency. Contact our office to receive a Change of Candidate Information form. Complete and return to our office. Upon receipt of a properly completed form, our office will update your candidate information in our system.

SECTION C - "PUBLIC OFFICER" POSITIONS: Instructions are given in the section.

SECTION D - ITEMS REQUIRING FORMS OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Check off all statements that apply to you.

SECTION E AND SECTION F - HIGH SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY DIPLOMA: Answer all questions. Consult the footnote under Section F to determine qualifying diplomas.

SECTION G- POST SECONDARY EDUCATION: Complete as requested. Do not mail a copy of your transcript unless requested by the exam announcement.

SECTION H - DRIVER'S LICENSE: Answer all questions. It is NOT necessary to note other classes that you hold If they are not listed.

SECTION I - OTHER LICENSES: Instructions are given in the section.

SECTION J - EXPERIENCE: Instructions are given just prior to the section.


SECTION K - AFFIRMATION: Read carefully and sign before submitting the application. You are required to provide an ORIGINAL signature for each separate civil service exam. If you photocopy your application, sign the photocopy in ink.

SECTION L - FILING FEES: Read carefully and check ONLY ONE. Payment of the filing fee must be by credit card or check/money order payable to the Sullivan County Personnel Department, unless you are paying in person (DO NOT MAIL CASH). To determine if you qualify for a WAIVER of the fee, refer to the FEE STATEMENT section of the exam announcement and provide the required information and/or documentation.

ADMISSION TO EXAMINATION: Applicants may be conditionally admitted to an exam on the basis of statements made on the application. Such statements may not be reviewed and/or verified until after the exam is held. At that time those candidates not meeting the requirements are disqualified. Candidates who are subsequently disqualified after taking the test will NOT be notified of their score.

TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations in testing will be provided for individuals with disabilities. Persons who are requesting testing accommodations must make a request in writing clearly stating the type of accommodation requested and the reason for the request

PERSONAL PRIVACY PROTECTION LAW: The information provided in this application is requested pursuant to §50(3) of the New York State Civil Service Law for the principal purpose of determining the eligibility of applicants to participate in the examination(s) for Which they have applied. This information will be used in accordance with §96(1) of the Personal Privacy Protection Law, particularly subdivisions (b), (e), and (f). Failure to provide this information may result in disqualification of the application. This information will be maintained by the Sullivan County Personnel Department.

Sullivan County is an Equal Opportunity Employer