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Civil Service Employment Portal

Job Specifications

The Sullivan County Department of Personnel is responsible for maintaining a position classification plan covering all the civil divisions under its jurisdiction which includes the County, towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts. Job specifications are formal written statements which define the duties and responsibilities of the job, list typical work activities, specify the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics required for successful performance of the work and identify minimum qualifications required at the time of appointment. Job specifications are not complete descriptions of any single job and cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by an individual in the position. These job specifications are for informational purposes and are subject to modification and updating as needed. Please note that the County and the municipalities are not currently recruiting for all positions. To view information regarding positions with upcoming exams, please click the appropriate category above.


AV Security Technician.pdf
Abstract Clerk.pdf
Account Clerk Database.pdf
Account Clerk Matron.pdf
Account Clerk Stenographer.pdf
Account Clerk Typist.pdf
Account Clerk.pdf
Accountant-School District.pdf
Accounting and Banking Coordinator.pdf
Accounts Payable Coordinator.pdf
Activities Director.pdf
Addiction Services Coordinator.pdf
Addiction Services Counselor I.pdf
Addiction Services Counselor II.pdf
Addiction Services Counselor III.pdf
Addiction Specialist.pdf
Administrative Aide.pdf
Administrative Assistant.pdf
Administrative Coordinator Family Advocate.pdf
Administrative Secretary.pdf
Administrative Specialist.pdf
Administrator of Adult Care Center.pdf
Administrator of Assigned Counsel.pdf
Administrator of Family Services Programs.pdf
Administrator of Health Services Programs.pdf
Administrator of Rehab Services.pdf
Admissions Coordinator.pdf
Adult Care Center Program Coordinator.pdf
Adult Education Vocation Coach.pdf
Adult and Continuing Education Program Project Coordinator.pdf
Aging Services Aide.pdf
Aging Services Assistant.pdf
Aging Services Program Examiner.pdf
Aging Services Specialist.pdf
Agricultural Economic Development Specialist.pdf
Agricultural Planner.pdf
Airport Attendant.pdf
Airport Engineer.pdf
Airport Manager.pdf
Airport Superintendent.pdf
Alternatives to Incarceration Program Coordinator.pdf
Animal Control Officer.pdf
Application-Web-Network Training Coordinator.pdf
Apprentice Carpenter.pdf
Assessment Assistant.pdf
Assessor's Clerk Trainee.pdf
Assessor's Clerk.pdf
Assistant Assessor.pdf
Assistant Building Inspector.pdf
Assistant Building Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Buyer.pdf
Assistant Child Care Coordinator.pdf
Assistant Code Enforcement Officer.pdf
Assistant Commissioner Planning & Community Development.pdf
Assistant Commissioner Planning & Environmental Management.pdf
Assistant Cook.pdf
Assistant Custodial Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Dietetic Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Director Center for Workforce Development.pdf
Assistant Director Rehabilitation Services.pdf
Assistant Director for Nursing Services - Patient Care.pdf
Assistant Director of Aging Sevices.pdf
Assistant Director of Nursing Services.pdf
Assistant Director of Public Works (Highways).pdf
Assistant Director of Public Works (Utilities).pdf
Assistant Director of Purchasing & Central Services.pdf
Assistant Director of Risk Management and Insurance.pdf
Assistant Director of Services.pdf
Assistant Employment and Training Director.pdf
Assistant Golf Professional.pdf
Assistant Health and Safety Coordinator.pdf
Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Landfill Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Library Director II.pdf
Assistant Library Director III.pdf
Assistant Library Director.pdf
Assistant Maintenance Mechanic.pdf
Assistant Motor Vehicle Bureau Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Municipal Attorney.pdf
Assistant Municipal Projects Coordinator.pdf
Assistant Office Manager.pdf
Assistant Park and Recreation Director-Lifeguard.pdf
Assistant Park and Recreation Director.pdf
Assistant Personnel Officer.pdf
Assistant Public Health Director.pdf
Assistant Recreation Director - (County).pdf
Assistant Recreation Director.pdf
Assistant Recreation Leader.pdf
Assistant School Business Manager.pdf
Assistant Sign Installer.pdf
Assistant Site Manager, Fort Delaware.pdf
Assistant Social Services Housing Inspector.pdf
Assistant Social Worker - GED Instructor.pdf
Assistant Social Worker I.pdf
Assistant Social Worker II.pdf
Assistant Social Worker III.pdf
Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.pdf
Assistant to Nursing Home Administrator-Patient Care.pdf
Associate Auditor.pdf
Associate Planner.pdf
Athletic Trainer (School District).pdf
Audit Clerk.pdf
Automotive Body Repairer.pdf
Automotive Equipment Attendant.pdf
Automotive Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Automotive Mechanic Helper - Bus Driver.pdf
Automotive Mechanic Helper-Maintenance Worker (School District).pdf
Automotive Mechanic Helper.pdf
Automotive Mechanic-Driver (School District).pdf
Automotive Mechanic.pdf
Automotive Service Manager-School.pdf
Automotive Shop Supervisor.pdf
Bilingual Outreach Worker (Spanish).pdf
Bingo Inspector Part-time.pdf
Bookkeeper-Secretary to Industrial Development Agency.pdf
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor.pdf
Bridge Carpenter.pdf
Bridge Construction Supervisor.pdf
Bridge Engineer.pdf
Bridge Maintainer 1.pdf
Bridge Maintainer II.pdf
Budget Analyst.pdf
Budget-Accounting Coordinator - Municipality.pdf
Building Inspector.pdf
Building Maintenance Mechanic (County).pdf
Building Maintenance Mechanic.pdf
Building Maintenance Person.pdf
Building Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Building Safety Monitor.pdf
Buildings Engineer.pdf
Buildings Technician.pdf
Buildings and Grounds Maint. Worker II_Foreman BOCES.pdf
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Worker I.pdf
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Worker II.pdf
Bus Driver.pdf
Bus Monitor.pdf
Bus Training, Saftey and Discipline Coordinator.pdf
Campus Safety Officer-Peace Officer.pdf
Care Services Coordinator.pdf
Career Awareness Specialist.pdf
Career Center Job Skills Coordinator.pdf
Case Management Coordinator.pdf
Case Management Nurse.pdf
Case Management Specialist - EISEP.pdf
Case Manager – BOCES Adult Continuing Education Program.pdf
Case Services Aide.pdf
Case Supervisor Grade A.pdf
Case Supervisor.pdf
Caseworker Child Special Needs.pdf
Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative Coordinator.pdf
Census Taker.pdf
Center for Workforce Development Projects Coordinator.pdf
Central Services Coordinator.pdf
Central Services Worker.pdf
Chief Civil Clerk.pdf
Chief Civil Officer.pdf
Chief Court Attendant.pdf
Chief Deputy-Patrol Division-Internal Affairs.pdf
Chief Emergency Services Dispatcher.pdf
Chief Family Services Investigator.pdf
Chief Information Officer.pdf
Chief Planner.pdf
Chief Social Welfare Examiner.pdf
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.pdf
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Type A Plant.pdf
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator-Type B Plant.pdf
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator-Type C Plant.pdf
Chief Water and Waste Water Operator Park Manager.pdf
Chief Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator.pdf
Chief Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (Liberty).pdf
Chief of Police.pdf
Chief of Security.pdf
Child Advocacy Center Coordinator.pdf
Child Care Attendant.pdf
Child Care Coordinator.pdf
Child Care-Parenting Skills Coordinator.pdf
Childcare Center Aide - SCCC.pdf
Civil Deputy Corporal.pdf
Civil Deputy Sergeant.pdf
Civil Deputy.pdf
Civil Engineer.pdf
Claims and Safety Specialist.pdf
Clerk of the Works.pdf
Client Support Technician Assistant I.pdf
Client Support Technician Assistant II.pdf
Client Support Technician I.pdf
Client Support Technician II.pdf
Clinic Director.pdf
Clinical Program Coordinator I.pdf
Clinical Program Coordinator II.pdf
Clinical Program Manager.pdf
Code Enforcement Officer-Building Inspector.pdf
Code Enforcement Officer.pdf
Collection System Supervisor.pdf
Commissioner of Community and Economic Development.pdf
Commissioner of Family Services.pdf
Commissioner of Health and Family Services.pdf
Commissioner of Management and Budget.pdf
Commissioner of Planning and Community Development.pdf
Commissioner of Planning and Environmental Mgmt.pdf
Commissioner of Public Safety.pdf
Commissioner of Public Works (Town).pdf
Commissioner of the Division of Health and Family Services.pdf
Community Development & Grants Specialist.pdf
Community Development Program Specialist.pdf
Community Development Supervisor-Economic Development.pdf
Community Development and Grants Assistant.pdf
Community Development and Grants Coordinator.pdf
Community Development and Grants Planner.pdf
Community Development and Grants Supervisor.pdf
Community Development and Grants Technician.pdf
Community Development and Grants-Community Rehabilitation Specialist.pdf
Community Health Coordinator.pdf
Community Health Nurse (Public Health).pdf
Community Health Worker (Spanish Speaking).pdf
Community Health Worker.pdf
Community Information Officer.pdf
Community Information Specialist.pdf
Community Mental Health Nurse Coordinator.pdf
Community Mental Health Nurse.pdf
Community Outreach Coordinator.pdf
Community Partnership Coordinator (BOCES).pdf
Community Rehabilitation Program Examiner.pdf
Community Rehabilitation Program Supervisor.pdf
Community Rehabilitation Program Worker.pdf
Community Services Coordinator.pdf
Community Services Quality Assurance Coordinator.pdf
Compliance Program Coordinator.pdf
Computer Network Support Specialist.pdf
Computer Operation Supervisor.pdf
Computer Operator Trainee.pdf
Computer Operator.pdf
Computer Technician (School District).pdf
Computer Training Coordinator.pdf
Confidential Secretary.pdf
Conservation District Manager.pdf
Conservation District Projects Coordinator.pdf
Conservation District Technician.pdf
Construction Equipment Mechanic.pdf
Construction Equipment Operator I.pdf
Construction Equipment Operator II.pdf
Construction Equipment Operator III.pdf
Contract Compliance Coordinator.pdf
Contract Monitor.pdf
Cook Manager.pdf
Coordinator of Child Support Enforcement.pdf
Coordinator of Children with Special Needs Program.pdf
Coordinator of Communications.pdf
Coordinator of Consumer Affairs.pdf
Coordinator of Continuing Day Treatment Program.pdf
Coordinator of Departmental Public Information.pdf
Coordinator of Jail Nursing Services.pdf
Coordinator of Medical Records and Billing.pdf
Coordinator of Physically Handicapped Children's Program.pdf
Coordinator of Planning and Quality Assurance.pdf
Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services.pdf
Coordinator of Services for the Aging.pdf
Coordinator of Special Events.pdf
Coordinator of Special Investigations and Resources.pdf
Coordinator of Supply and Inventory Control.pdf
Coroner's Secretary.pdf
Coroners County Clerk Aide.pdf
Correction Captain.pdf
Correction Corporal.pdf
Correction Lieutenant.pdf
Correction Officer.pdf
Correction Sergeant.pdf
County Auditor.pdf
County Clerk Financial Worker.pdf
County Clerk's Worker I Trainee.pdf
County Clerk's Worker III.pdf
County Clerks Worker I (Spanish Speaking).pdf
County Clerks Worker I.pdf
County Clerks Worker II.pdf
County Historian.pdf
County Investigator.pdf
Court Attendant.pdf
Court Liaison.pdf
Court Officer.pdf
Crane Operator.pdf
Crew Leader.pdf
Crime Victim Services Advocate.pdf
Curator .pdf
Custodial Supervisor.pdf
Custodial Worker.pdf
Custodian of Voting Machines.pdf
Customer Service Specialist.pdf
DEI Resource Coordinator.pdf
Data Entry Operator.pdf
Database Clerk.pdf
Dental Hygienist.pdf
Department of Community Services Planner.pdf
Department of Motor Vehicle Administrator.pdf
Deputy Administrator of ACC (Administrative Services).pdf
Deputy CIO of Information Technology Services.pdf
Deputy Commissioner for Asst. and Services Prog.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Family Services.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Health and Family Services.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Management & Budget .pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Mobility Management Planning, Operations and GIS.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Planning - Operations.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Planning and Envir. Devel.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Planning.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works - Engineering.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works-Operations.pdf
Deputy County Auditor.pdf
Deputy Director RPTS III.pdf
Deputy Director of Community Services.pdf
Deputy Director of Human Resources.pdf
Deputy EMS Coordinator.pdf
Deputy Emergency Management Officer.pdf
Deputy Fire Coordinator.pdf
Deputy Highway Superintendent.pdf
Deputy Jail Administrator.pdf
Deputy Probation Director B.pdf
Deputy Probation Director.pdf
Deputy Public Health Director.pdf
Deputy Sheriff (90 DayTemporary).pdf
Deputy Sheriff Corporal.pdf
Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant.pdf
Deputy Sheriff Sergeant.pdf
Deputy Sheriff.pdf
Deputy Village Clerk.pdf
Deputy Village Manager.pdf
Detective -Village of Monticello Police.pdf
Detective Sergeant-Town of Fallsburg Police.pdf
Detective Sergeant-Village of Monticello Police.pdf
Detective-Town of Fallsburg Police.pdf
Dietetic Service Supervisor.pdf
Dietetic Services Assistant.pdf
Director Center for Workforce Development.pdf
Director Veterans' Services.pdf
Director of Services.pdf
Director of Administrative Services.pdf
Director of Aging Services.pdf
Director of Applications Development and Support.pdf
Director of Bldgs,Grounds, Parks and Water.pdf
Director of Building, Planning and Zoning.pdf
Director of Buildings and Grounds.pdf
Director of Communications.pdf
Director of Community Development.pdf
Director of Community Services.pdf
Director of Department of Family Services.pdf
Director of Dept. of Family Svs. Admin. & Case Mgmt.pdf
Director of Facilities I.pdf
Director of Facilities II.pdf
Director of Facilities III.pdf
Director of Facility Support Services.pdf
Director of Fire Safety.pdf
Director of Food Services.pdf
Director of Fraud Investigations.pdf
Director of Grants Administration.pdf
Director of Human Resources (School District).pdf
Director of Information Systems.pdf
Director of Investigations.pdf
Director of Medical Assistance.pdf
Director of Medical and Temporary Assistance.pdf
Director of Mental Health Services.pdf
Director of Nursing Service.pdf
Director of Office of Emergency Management (OEM).pdf
Director of Operations and Network Administration.pdf
Director of Operations.pdf
Director of Parks, Recreation and Beautifcation Programs.pdf
Director of Patient Services Trainee.pdf
Director of Patient Services.pdf
Director of Physically Handicapped Children's Program.pdf
Director of Planning.pdf
Director of Public Works (Monticello).pdf
Director of Public Works (Village of Liberty).pdf
Director of Purchasing and Central Services.pdf
Director of Real Property Tax Services III.pdf
Director of Rehabilitation Services.pdf
Director of Risk Management and Insurance.pdf
Director of School Facilities and Operations.pdf
Director of Services.pdf
Director of Solid Waste Management.pdf
Director of Standards and Purchases.pdf
Director of Temporary Assistance.pdf
Director of Transportation.pdf
Director of Utilities.pdf
District Attorney's Investigator-Coordinator of the Community Policing Unit.pdf
District Attorney's Investigator.pdf
Division Contract Compliance Officer.pdf
Division of Health and Family Services Planner.pdf
Dog Control Officer.pdf
Domestic Aide.pdf
Drafting Technician Trainee.pdf
Drafting Technician.pdf
Dual Diagnosis Specialist.pdf
E-911 Coordinator.pdf
E-911 Geographic Information Systems Technician.pdf
EMS Coordinator.pdf
Early Intervention Service Coordinator (CSHCN).pdf
Economic Development Planner.pdf
Economic Development Programs Supervisor.pdf
Educational Data Manager.pdf
Educational Data_Info Security Manager.pdf
Educational Research and Evaluation Analyst.pdf
Educational Services Aide.pdf
Educational Services Associate.pdf
Educational Services Social Worker.pdf
Educational Support Programs Coordinator (BOCES).pdf
Educational Support Projects Coordinator.pdf
Electronics Technician.pdf
Emergency Services Dispatcher Trainee.pdf
Emergency Services Dispatcher.pdf
Emergency Services Training Center Coordinator.pdf
Emergency Services Training Center Facilitator (Per Diem).pdf
Empire Zone Coordinator.pdf
Employee Benefits Administrator.pdf
Employee Benefits Coordinator.pdf
Employment Center Coordinator.pdf
Employment Services Coordinator.pdf
Employment and Training Data Management Specialist.pdf
Employment and Training Specialist.pdf
Employment and Training Supervisor.pdf
Enforcement Officer.pdf
Engineering Aide.pdf
Engineering Supervisor.pdf
Engineering Technician - Soil & Water Conservation District.pdf
Engineering Technician Computer Support.pdf
Engineering Technician.pdf
Enrichment Specialist.pdf
Epidemiological Supervisor.pdf
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.pdf
Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist.pdf
Equipment Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Equipment Painter.pdf
Executive Secretary to Commissioner of Management & Budget.pdf
Executive Secretary.pdf
Facilitator (School District).pdf
Facilities Bridge Superintendent.pdf
Facilities Superintendent.pdf
Facilities Support Assistant-Community College.pdf
Facilities Support Assistant.pdf
Facilities Support Supervisor.pdf
Facilities Support Technician.pdf
Family Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator.pdf
Family Services Attorney.pdf
Family Services Case Manager.pdf
Family Services Housing Inspector.pdf
Family Services Intervention and Outreach Coordinator.pdf
Family Services Investigator Trainee.pdf
Family Services Investigator.pdf
Family Support Worker - Spanish Speaking.pdf
Family Support Worker.pdf
Financial Account Clerk.pdf
Financial Analyst.pdf
Fire Coordinator.pdf
Fire Inspector.pdf
Fire Investigator.pdf
First Aid Attendant.pdf
Fiscal Administrative Officer.pdf
Food Service Helper - (ACC).pdf
Food Service Helper.pdf
Food Service Management Coordinator.pdf
Food Service Manager.pdf
Food Services Clerk.pdf
Full Charge Bookkeeper.pdf
Gang Intelligence Investigator.pdf
Garage Superintendent.pdf
General Construction Supervisor.pdf
General Mechanic.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Coordinator.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Planner.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Specialist.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Technician-Planner.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Technician.pdf
Golf Cart Mechanic.pdf
Golf Course Cashier.pdf
Golf Course Ranger.pdf
Golf Professional.pdf
Government Grants Coordinator.pdf
Grand Jury Stenographer.pdf
Grant Program Director.pdf
Grant Writer.pdf
Grants Administation Supervisor.pdf
Grants Administration Program Specialist.pdf
Grants Administration Supervisory Assistant.pdf
Grants Administrator.pdf
Grounds Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Grounds Maintenance Worker I.pdf
Grounds Maintenance Worker II.pdf
HVAC Technician.pdf
Head Automotive Mechanic.pdf
Head Bus Driver - Automotive Mechanic.pdf
Head Bus Driver.pdf
Head Custodian.pdf
Head Nurse (Unit Leader).pdf
Head Social Welfare Examiner.pdf
Health Aide.pdf
Health Education Training Specialist.pdf
Health Emergency Planner - Educator.pdf
Healthy Families Program Manager.pdf
Healthy Families Supervisor.pdf
Heavy Motor Equipment Operator.pdf
Help Desk-Documentation Coordinator.pdf
Help Desk-Documentation Specialist.pdf
Home Care Medical Social Worker.pdf
Home Health Aide.pdf
Home-School Coordinator.pdf
House Manager.pdf
Housekeeping Supervisor.pdf
Housing Authority Rental Coordinator.pdf
Housing Coordinator.pdf
Housing Rehabilitation Assistant.pdf
Housing Specialist.pdf
Housing and Community Development Specialist.pdf
Human Resources Assistant.pdf
Human Resources Benefits Coordinator.pdf
Human Resources Benefits Specialist.pdf
Human Resources Recruitment and Training Coordinator.pdf
Human Resources Specialist.pdf
Human Services Grants Specialist.pdf
Human Services Information Systems Manager.pdf
Human Services Staff Development Coordinator.pdf
Hydraulic Excavation Equipment Operator.pdf
Impaired Driver Program Coordinator-Instructor.pdf
Impaired Driver Program Director-Instructor.pdf
Information Processing and Accounting Clerk.pdf
Information Systems Support Specialist.pdf
Information Technology Administrative Coordinator.pdf
Information Technology Coordinator.pdf
Information and Referral Outreach Coordinator.pdf
Information-Network Security Officer.pdf
Insurance Clerk.pdf
Insurance Program Assistant.pdf
Intake Billing Coordinator.pdf
Intake Office Coordinator.pdf
Intake Worker.pdf
Intake and Assessment Worker.pdf
Intensive Case Manager.pdf
Investigator - County Attorney.pdf
Jail Administrator.pdf
Jail Nurse.pdf
Job Coach (BOCES).pdf
Job Developer.pdf
Junior Accountant.pdf
Junior Buildings Engineer.pdf
Junior Civil Engineer.pdf
Junior Crew Leader.pdf
Junior Planner-Environmental Specialist.pdf
Keyboard Specialist.pdf
Laboratory Clerk.pdf
Laboratory Director.pdf
Laborer I.pdf
Laborer II (Non-CDL).pdf
Laborer II.pdf
Laborer III.pdf
Land Use Planner.pdf
Land and Claims Adjuster.pdf
Landfill Supervisor.pdf
Landfill Worker.pdf
Laundry Worker.pdf
Law Intern.pdf
Legal Secretary.pdf
Legal Stenographer.pdf
Legal Typist.pdf
Leisure Time Activities Aide.pdf
Librarian I.pdf
Librarian II.pdf
Librarian III.pdf
Librarian Trainee.pdf
Library Aide.pdf
Library Assistant (YouthServices).pdf
Library Assistant.pdf
Library Branch Manager.pdf
Library Clerk.pdf
Library Director I .pdf
Library Director II.pdf
Library Director III.pdf
Library Director Trainee.pdf
Library Grants Coordinator.pdf
Library Manager.pdf
Library Monitor.pdf
Library Multi-Media Technician.pdf
Library Page.pdf
Library Treasurer.pdf
Library Typist.pdf
Licensed Practical Nurse-Teacher Aide.pdf
Licensed Practical Nurse.pdf
Local Area Network Technician.pdf
Loss Prevention Coordinator.pdf
Mail Room and Stockkeeper.pdf
Mail Supply and Inventory Control Clerk.pdf
Mail Supply and Record-Inventory Control Clerk.pdf
Main Street Marketer.pdf
Maintenance Assistant.pdf
Maintenance Helper.pdf
Maintenance Worker.pdf
Management Information Center Assistant.pdf
Management Information System Coordinator.pdf
Management Information Systems Assistant Technician.pdf
Manager of Risk Management and Insurance.pdf
Manager of Youth Services.pdf
Managing Attorney.pdf
Marketing Outreach Coordinator (ACC).pdf
Master Mechanic.pdf
Medicaid Reimbursement Officer.pdf
Medical Audit Supervisor.pdf
Medical Billing Coordinator.pdf
Medical Coding and Billing Specialist.pdf
Medical Records Administrator.pdf
Medical Records Clerk.pdf
Medical Records Technician.pdf
Medical Records Typist.pdf
Medical Social Worker.pdf
Mental Health Therapist I.pdf
Mental Health Therapist II.pdf
Mobility Management Coordinator.pdf
Model Schools Program Assistant.pdf
Motor Equipment Operator-Mechanic.pdf
Motor Equipment Operator.pdf
Motor Vehicle Bureau Customer Service Specialist.pdf
Municipal Attorney.pdf
Municipal Auditor.pdf
Municipal Director of Weights and Measures A_Safety Coordinator.pdf
Municipal Historian.pdf
Municipal Supervisor of Weights and Measures Safety Coordinator.pdf
Museum Attendant.pdf
Museum Interpreter (Seasonal).pdf
Network Administrator (School District).pdf
Network Administrator.pdf
Network Communications Technician.pdf
Nurse Practitioner.pdf
Nursing Assistant Trainee.pdf
Nursing Assistant.pdf
Nursing Home Medical Director.pdf
Nursing Home Social Worker.pdf
Nursing Home Training Coordinator.pdf
Nutrition Assistant.pdf
Nutrition Services Coordinator.pdf
Nutrition Site Operator.pdf
OSHA Training and Safety Specialist.pdf
Occupational Testing Evaluator.pdf
Occupational Therapist.pdf
Occupational Therapy Assistant.pdf
Office Manager.pdf
One Stop Center Manager.pdf
PC Specialist.pdf
Paralegal Aide.pdf
Paralegal Assistant.pdf
Park Entry Attendant.pdf
Park Maintenance Person.pdf
Park Manager (Lake Superior).pdf
Park Manager.pdf
Park and Recreation Director.pdf
Parks Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Payroll Clerk.pdf
Payroll Coordinator-Software Support Technician.pdf
Permitting & Environmental Compliance Coordinator.pdf
Personal Care Aide.pdf
Personal Computer Operator (Windows).pdf
Personal Computer Operator Trainee (Windows).pdf
Personnel Assistant.pdf
Personnel Officer.pdf
Personnel Payroll Technician.pdf
Personnel Project Coordinator.pdf
Personnel Specialist - Municipalities.pdf
Personnel Technician.pdf
Physical Therapist.pdf
Physical Therapy Assistant.pdf
Physical_Occupational Therapy Aide.pdf
Physician's Assistant.pdf
Planner Environmental Specialist.pdf
Planning and Policy Manager.pdf
Point of Entry Assistant.pdf
Point of Entry Coordinator.pdf
Police Lieutenant.pdf
Police Officer - Spanish Speaking.pdf
Police Officer.pdf
Police Sergeant.pdf
Poll Inspector.pdf
Pre-Trial Investigator.pdf
Prevention Services Specialist.pdf
Principal Account Clerk-Database Specialist.pdf
Principal Account Clerk.pdf
Principal Audit Clerk.pdf
Principal Clerk.pdf
Principal Family Services Investigator.pdf
Principal Library Clerk.pdf
Principal Payroll Clerk.pdf
Principal Personnel Assistant.pdf
Principal Social Welfare Examiner.pdf
Probation Assistant.pdf
Probation Director B.pdf
Probation Director II.pdf
Probation Officer .pdf
Probation Officer Trainee.pdf
Probation Services Youth Worker.pdf
Probation Supervisor.pdf
Program Facilitator (Family Education Advocate).pdf
Program Facilitator (Parent Education).pdf
Program Facilitator (Traffic Safety).pdf
Programmer-Analyst (County).pdf
Property Code Enforcement Assistant.pdf
Property Tax Supervisor-Tax Enforcement Coordinator.pdf
Public Health Director-Director of Patient Services.pdf
Public Health Director.pdf
Public Health Educator.pdf
Public Health Nurse.pdf
Public Health Nursing Program Coordinator.pdf
Public Health Occupational Therapist.pdf
Public Health Physical Therapist.pdf
Public Health Services Program Coordinator.pdf
Public Health Services Program Supervisor.pdf
Public Health Speech Therapist.pdf
Public Safety Dispatcher.pdf
Public Safety Technical Specialist.pdf
Public Works Business Manager.pdf
Purchasing Agent.pdf
Purchasing Assistant.pdf
Purchasing Bid and Contract Coordinator.pdf
Purchasing Clerk.pdf
Purchasing Coordinator.pdf
Purchasing Training and Data Management Specialist.pdf
RSVP Assistant.pdf
RSVP Specialist.pdf
Radio Operations Manager.pdf
Real Property Data Collector.pdf
Real Property Examiner Appraiser.pdf
Real Property Senior Tax Map_GIS Technician.pdf
Real Property Tax Map Specialist Trainee.pdf
Real Property Tax Map Specialist.pdf
Real Property Tax Map_GIS Technician.pdf
Real Property Tax Services Aide .pdf
Real Property Tax Services Coordinator.pdf
Real Property Tax Services Specialist.pdf
Record, Accounting and Medical Billing Data Management Specialist.pdf
Records Management Clerk.pdf
Records Management Coordinator.pdf
Records Management Survey Technician.pdf
Recreation Aide.pdf
Recreation Attendant.pdf
Recreation Director.pdf
Recreation Leader.pdf
Recreation Program Administrative Aide.pdf
Recreation Program Assistant.pdf
Recreation Supervisor.pdf
Recreation and Activities Aide.pdf
Recycling Coordinator.pdf
Recycling Worker.pdf
Refreshment Stand Attendant I.pdf
Refreshment Stand Attendant II.pdf
Refreshment Stand Manager.pdf
Registered Professional Nurse (School).pdf
Registered Professional Nurse.pdf
Registrar of Vital Statistics.pdf
Rehabilitation Therapy Supervisor.pdf
Research Analyst.pdf
Research Assistant (Schools).pdf
Research Assistant.pdf
Residential Policy Coordinator.pdf
Retired Senior Volunteer Program Coordinator.pdf
Riparian Field Technician.pdf
Risk Management and Insurance Program Assistant.pdf
Risk Management and Insurance Program Coordinator.pdf
Road Construction Supervisor.pdf
Road Maintainer.pdf
Road Maintenance Superintendent.pdf
Road Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Room Tax Collection Specialist.pdf
Safety Program Coordinator.pdf
Sanitary Chemist.pdf
Sanitation Worker.pdf
School Bus Dispatcher.pdf
School Bus Driver - Automotive Mechanic.pdf
School Bus Driver.pdf
School Business Assistant.pdf
School Business Manager.pdf
School Caseworker.pdf
School Crossing Guard.pdf
School Dentist.pdf
School District Director of Operations and Network Administration.pdf
School District Public Information Officer.pdf
School District Systems Operator.pdf
School District Transportation Director.pdf
School District Transportation Specialist.pdf
School Emergency Planning Technician.pdf
School Environmental Compliance Technician.pdf
School Food Service Director II.pdf
School Health and Safety Coordinator.pdf
School Instructional Multi-Media Technician.pdf
School Lunch Manager.pdf
School Monitor.pdf
School Physician.pdf
School Security Aide.pdf
School Security Supervisor.pdf
School Tax Collector.pdf
Secretary I.pdf
Secretary II to Commissioner of Health and Family Services.pdf
Secretary II.pdf
Secretary Treasurer to the Soil and Water Conservation District.pdf
Secretary and Administrative Assistant.pdf
Section 8 Housing Inspector.pdf
Section 8 Housing Program Assistant.pdf
Section 8 Housing Program Clerk.pdf
Section 8 Housing Program Coordinator.pdf
Security Attendant.pdf
Security Guard.pdf
Security Officer.pdf
Security Supervisor.pdf
Senior Account Clerk - Stenographer.pdf
Senior Account Clerk- Database.pdf
Senior Account Clerk-Typist.pdf
Senior Account Clerk.pdf
Senior Accountant.pdf
Senior Accounts Payable Coordinator.pdf
Senior Audit Clerk.pdf
Senior Bridge Engineer.pdf
Senior Budget Analyst.pdf
Senior Buyer.pdf
Senior Carpenter.pdf
Senior Case Services Aide.pdf
Senior Caseworker.pdf
Senior Central Services Worker.pdf
Senior Clerk - Typist.pdf
Senior Clerk.pdf
Senior Community Service Employment Program Worker.pdf
Senior Community Services Coordinator.pdf
Senior Crew Leader.pdf
Senior Custodial Worker.pdf
Senior Data Entry Operator.pdf
Senior Database Clerk.pdf
Senior Database- E-911 Research Clerk.pdf
Senior District Attorney's Investigator.pdf
Senior Emergency Services Dispatcher.pdf
Senior Employment and Training Specialist.pdf
Senior Employment and Training Supervisor.pdf
Senior Family Services Investigator.pdf
Senior Family Services Attorney.pdf
Senior Firefighter.pdf
Senior Fiscal Administrative Officer.pdf
Senior Geographic Information Systems Technician.pdf
Senior Housing Coordinator.pdf
Senior Index Clerk.pdf
Senior Laundry Worker.pdf
Senior Leisure Time Activities Aide.pdf
Senior Library Clerk.pdf
Senior Library Typist.pdf
Senior Master Mechanic.pdf
Senior Network Engineer.pdf
Senior Nutrition Assistant.pdf
Senior PC Specialist.pdf
Senior Payroll Clerk.pdf
Senior Personnel Assistant.pdf
Senior Personnel Specialist - Municipalities.pdf
Senior Planner.pdf
Senior Probation Officer.pdf
Senior Public Health Educator.pdf
Senior Social Welfare Examiner.pdf
Senior Stenographer.pdf
Senior Stockkeeper.pdf
Senior Supervising Public Health Nurse.pdf
Senior Typist.pdf
Senior Veterans' Service Officer.pdf
Senior Visitor Experience Associate.pdf
Senior Weather Observer.pdf
Service Coordinator.pdf
Sheriffs Department Accounts Payable Coordinator.pdf
Sign Fabricator.pdf
Sign Installer.pdf
Sign Language Interpreter.pdf
Sign Shop Painter I.pdf
Sign Shop Painter II.pdf
Sign Shop Supervisor.pdf
Site Manager, Fort Delaware.pdf
Skilled Mechanic.pdf
Skilled Road Maintainer.pdf
Skilled Street Maintainer.pdf
Social Welfare Examiner - Spanish Language.pdf
Social Welfare Examiner Trainee.pdf
Social Welfare Examiner.pdf
Social Worker - Adult Care Center.pdf
Solid Waste Operator.pdf
Special Education Aide.pdf
Special Education Committee Representative.pdf
Special Electrician-SCCC.pdf
Special Patrol Officer.pdf
Staff Accountant.pdf
Staff Auditor.pdf
Staff Development_HR Manager.pdf
Staff Psychologist .pdf
Staff Social Worker I.pdf
Staff Social Worker II.pdf
Stormwater Control Specialist.pdf
Stream Program Coordinator.pdf
Stream Restoration Coordinator.pdf
Streamside Assistance Program Coordinator.pdf
Street Maintainer.pdf
Streets Superintendent.pdf
Student Assistance Counselor.pdf
Student Intern.pdf
Student Recruiter Home School Liaison.pdf
Student Services Liaison Community Services.pdf
Student Services Liaison.pdf
Student Support Specialist.pdf
Student Worker.pdf
Sullivan County Privacy Compliance Officer.pdf
Summer Youth Program Counselor.pdf
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.pdf
Supervising ACC Nurse.pdf
Supervising Comm Health Nurse MCH-Healthy Families Program Manager.pdf
Supervising Community Health Nurse (Public Health).pdf
Supervising Investigator.pdf
Supervising Psychiatrist- Medical Director.pdf
Supervising Public Health Nurse.pdf
Supervising Social Worker (ACC).pdf
Supervising Social Worker (Community Mental Health).pdf
Supervising Support Collector.pdf
Supervising Support Investigator.pdf
Supervisor Jail Nursing Services.pdf
Supervisor of Attendance.pdf
Supervisor of Plant Operation and Transportation.pdf
Supervisor of Transportation (School).pdf
Supply and Inventory Control Clerk.pdf
Sustainability Analyst.pdf
Sustainability Coordinator.pdf
Systems Operator.pdf
Targeted Industry Planner.pdf
Task Force Officer (DA's office).pdf
Task Force Officer SSTF.pdf
Tax Clerk I.pdf
Tax Clerk II.pdf
Tax Clerk III.pdf
Tax Collection Real Property Assistant.pdf
Tax Map Supervisor.pdf
Tax Map-Real Property Systems Specialist.pdf
Teacher Aide (Braille).pdf
Teacher Aide.pdf
Teaching Assistant.pdf
Technical Data Specialist (School District).pdf
Technology Support Specialist (School District).pdf
Teen Parenting Program Coordinator.pdf
Teen Parenting Program Nurse.pdf
Teen Parenting Program Worker.pdf
Town Engineer - Town of Thompson.pdf
Town Health Officer.pdf
Town Superintendent of Highways.pdf
Town or Village Engineer.pdf
Town or Village Historian.pdf
Traffic Control Officer.pdf
Traffic Safety Coordinator.pdf
Traffic Safety Technician.pdf
Training and Quality Improvement Coordinator.pdf
Transfer Station Attendant.pdf
Transfer Station Operator.pdf
Transition Planning Specialist.pdf
Transitional Opportunities Program Case Management_Coordinator.pdf
Transportation Coordinator.pdf
Transportation Dispatcher.pdf
Transportation Specialist.pdf
Transportation Supervisor.pdf
Utilities Billing Supervisor.pdf
Utilities Plant Attendant.pdf
Utilities Plant Operator.pdf
Utilities Plant Worker.pdf
Van Driver - Non-CDL.pdf
Van Driver.pdf
Veterans' Service Officer.pdf
Village Assessor.pdf
Village Health Officer.pdf
Village Streets Superintendent.pdf
Village Tax Collector.pdf
Visitor Experience Associate.pdf
Visitor's Association Administrator.pdf
WIC Program Coordinator.pdf
Ward Clerk.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.pdf
Water Maintenance Helper.pdf
Water Operations Supervisor.pdf
Water Superintendent.pdf
Water Tax Collector.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Operator Trainee.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Operator-Type A Plant.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Operator-Type B Plant.pdf
Water Treatment Plant Operator-Type C Plant.pdf
Water and Wastewater Maintenance Worker.pdf
Water and Wastewater Superintendent.pdf
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee.pdf
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.pdf
Watershed Planning Coordinator.pdf
Weather Observer.pdf
Welder I.pdf
Welder II.pdf
Welder-Automotive Mechanic.pdf
Wide Area Network Technican.pdf
Wide Area Network Technician II.pdf
Work-Study Coordinator.pdf
Working Supervisor.pdf
Workplace Safety Coordinator.pdf
Youth Intern.pdf
Youth Internship Coordinator.pdf
Youth Services Worker.pdf
Youth Workforce Coordinator.pdf